Preventing Plumbing Problems

Preventing Plumbing Problems

  • Tips For Protecting Your Automotive Repair Shop's Septic System

    If your automotive repair shop recently moved into a commercial building that uses a septic system for wastewater disposal, then these tips will help you protect it from unnecessary problems: Tip: Don't Use the Floor Drains in the Repair Bays While floor drains make cleaning up your repair bays simple, they should never be used. The introduction of motor oil, bearing grease, and other automotive fluids into a septic tank is a surefire way to cause clogs in the tank outlets, leach lines, and leach field.

  • Need A Dumpster To Gut A House? What To Know Before You Dump

    If you are gutting a house and you have tons of things that need to go into a dumpster, dumpster rental is probably the most affordable way to get rid of the trash, but you want to know what you can and can't do. You have to not only be responsible with your dumping but also with the bin and what others around you may do to it. Here are some of the things that you can take into consideration so you can be smart with your dumpster.

  • Underground Fuel Tanks: What Homeowners Need To Know

    Existing home sales make up the largest segment of home sales in the nation each year. Most of these transactions are relatively routine, with few unpleasant surprises for any of the parties involved. Sometimes, however, an issue will arise that can cause a problem for the seller and buyer. One such issue is when an abandoned oil tank is discovered on the property. If you are selling a home and have concerns about the possibility of there being one of these tanks involved, here is some important information you will need to know.

  • Top Items To Keep Out Of Your Septic System

    A septic system is a personalized system that relies on bacteria and microorganisms to break down debris and remove waste from water so that the water can flow back into the water table. In order for a septic system to do the very important job of filtering and cleaning your water, you need to be careful with what you put down your drains. Personal Care Products One of the top things that you need to keep out of your septic system are personal care products.

  • 4 Smart Ways To Take Better Care Of Your Septic System

    Septic systems, when taken care of properly, are designed to last anywhere from fifteen to forty years. If you want your septic system to make it to the longer side of things, you need to know how to take smart care of your septic system. #1 Keep Paper Products Out of Your Septic System The only paper products that you should put in your septic system is toilet paper. Bleached toilet paper is specifically designed to break down in your septic tank system.

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    Preventing Plumbing Problems

    It isn't always easy to know where to start when it comes to household maintenance, but a few years ago I realized I needed a new septic system. We were having a problem with our drains draining properly, so we turned to some experts for some help. They walked us through every aspect of the plumbing process, and within a few days, we were having a brand new septic tank installed. It was great to see just how much better things ran when the septic was working, and this blog is evidence of how much something like that can help.