Preventing Plumbing Problems

Preventing Plumbing Problems

Preventing Common Serious Septic Tank Problems

by Calvin Simmmons

It is essential for a homeowner to be informed about all of the components of their home. Otherwise, the house could suffer problems, and they may not be prepared to address them. A homeowner may assume that learning about all of these systems and components of their home will be exceedingly difficult, but it can actually be much easier and less time-intensive than you might think.

Be Mindful Of Depressions Forming Where The Septic System Is Located

Depressions forming where your septic system is located can be an indication of a major problem with the system. More specifically, this can indicate that the soil in the area around the septic tank is eroding. If this problem is allowed to continue, it can eventually result in a total failure of the septic tank. When you are mowing your lawn and performing other basic landscaping maintenance, the soil in the area near the septic tank should be checked for any significant changes. If you notice depressions forming or other changes to the soil in this area, a residential septic service should be hired to inspect the system for damage.

Use Septic Safe Laundry Detergent

Homeowners that use septic tanks will usually be diligent about avoiding putting potentially harmful substances down the drains. However, they may fail to consider that their laundry water may also empty into the septic system. As a result, it is vital to only use a detergent that is designed for use in septic tanks. These detergents are designed so that they will avoid killing the helpful bacteria in the septic tank while also still be able to clean your clothing. Additionally, you should avoid the use of bleach as this can be extremely harmful to the bacteria in the tank. In fact, a single use of concentrated bleach could neutralize a large portion of the bacteria in the tank.

Avoid Using Excessive Amounts Water

Unfortunately, the amount of water that your home uses can be another factor that determines the performance and maintenance needs of the septic tank. When a home uses more water than the tank is designed to accommodate, it can overwhelm it. For this reason, you should monitor your home's water usage to ensure that you are staying below the maximum capacity for the septic tank system. If you find that you are regularly exceeding or almost exceeding the capacity of the tank, it may be necessary to upgrade to a system that has a much higher capacity. 


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Preventing Plumbing Problems

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