Preventing Plumbing Problems

Preventing Plumbing Problems

Choosing The Right Clothes Washing Products For Septic Systems

by Calvin Simmmons

Washing the clothes that your family wears each day isn't only hard on you, it can be hard on your septic system. So much water is used for each wash cycle, and that water ends up in the septic system. Are you using the laundry detergent that will not damage your septic system? Here, you'll find a bit of information that will help you choose the right products for use in your home.

Liquid or Powdered Detergent?

In many cases, powdered laundry detergent is cheaper, but it is very hard on the septic system, as well as the drains in the washing machine and leading to the septic system. You see, powdered detergents can clump up and clog the drains and the pipes in the septic system.

Now, if you must use powdered detergent, take the time to read through the label entirely. Look for those products labeled to be septic safe, but then, read through the ingredients to find out if it contains sodium. If so, find another product.

Skip the Bleach

Bleaching the whites may have been the only way to get the white clothes brilliantly white, but these days, there are much safer alternatives. If you were to use a cup of bleach in each load of white laundry, you'll be introducing a lot of bleach into the septic system over the course of just a few months. That bleach kills the bacteria that breaks the solid waste down in the septic tank.

Avoid Antibacterial Additives

Don't spend the money on antibacterial laundry additives. Yes, they can help to kill the germs and bacteria that fill a bed when you're sick, but they will also kill the bacteria in your septic system. If you feel the need to use antibacterial additives, only use them when truly necessary. If you're treating a simple cold, get a can of spray disinfectant and treat the bedding before you put it through the wash. This will minimize the amount of antibacterial solutions in the tank.

Choose Quality Products

Oftentimes, the cheaper the product, the more product you'll have to use to achieve the same level of clean as you would if you use half the amount of a quality product. Find effective cleaners and you'll find out that you've probably been paying more for the cheaper stuff since you have to use so much of it.

Talk with your local septic professional or visit a site like to learn more about how to protect your septic system from being damaged by the products you use in the home.


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