Preventing Plumbing Problems

Preventing Plumbing Problems

How To Know Your Property Is Ready For A New Septic System

by Calvin Simmmons

If your home has a septic tank installed, you are hopefully following best practices to limit your waste and remembering to get the septic system inspected and the tank pumped on a regular basis. But even with regular maintenance, every septic system will need to be replaced eventually. Here are some possible signs that it's time to contact a local expert about septic system installations.

It's Just Old

Only you know how long your current septic system is supposed to last. Only you also know how you've taken care of your current system and whether you've potentially lengthened or shortened its lifespan. An inspection from a local expert though may be able to give you some hints if you are not sure. If you have a septic system rated for 20 years of use and you are now coming up on that time frame, it's likely a good idea to get a new one before issues start becoming more frequent.

The Grass Is Too Green

You may want your grass to look green but not this green. One possible sign that your septic system is starting to have issues with backups, blockages or draining is if there are patches of grass in your yard that are way greener than the rest of the yard. The waste leaking in these areas is acting as a form of fertilizer and throwing off the look of your landscaping by changing the color of the grass a bit.

Recurring Bad Smells

Have you had to deal with bad smells coming up through the drains, and it's not being fixed by spraying some air freshener? Recurring bad smells could be a sign that there is a blockage going on that is not allowing some of your waste to make it all the way through the system.

Recurring Drainage Problems

Sometimes your septic system could be even more direct about the fact that it's having a problem, and that could happen if you find sewage backup within your tub or at another section of your property. Slow-draining water throughout the home could be another sign that something is not right. If these draining problems keep happening, the best idea might just be a new system instead of continuing to battle your current one.

Contact a Professional

Septic systems can be complex so for best results, get a full assessment from a professional before moving forward. Contact a local company for more information about septic system replacement


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