Preventing Plumbing Problems

Preventing Plumbing Problems

4 Telltale Signs That Septic Tank Services Are Needed

by Calvin Simmmons

A septic system has several critical parts. If something goes awry, it can cause significant damage. This is why homeowners need to be proactive about getting routine septic services such as septic tank pumping. Improperly maintained septic systems are bound to cause homeowners problems at some point. The leach field is one of the key parts of a septic system. If septic tank services are not performed on schedule, it can lead to leach field failure. The following points highlight a few warning signs that it is time to seek septic tank services.

Offensive Odors

Contrary to popular belief, septic systems are not supposed to permeate offensive odors. A well-maintained system will not produce sewage odors. Sometimes the odors may be related to a failing part such as a faulty vent. However, the issue of odors in the air outside or in the home should be treated as an emergency. This is because there is an increased chance of sewage backup into the drains. 


Puddles may be present on lawns when septic tank pumping is needed. The ground may also be saturated with water even if it has not rained. This is a telltale sign that the septic issue is affecting the drain field. If the tank does not get pumped, homeowners run the risk of leach field failure.

Slow Drainage

If this issue affects only one drain or toilet, the issue may not be related to a full septic tank. Homeowners should attempt to clear the drain with a plumbing snake and plunger. They should avoid drain cleaner products because some products are corrosive and can damage plumbing systems. If all of the drains in a home have slow drainage, it is a telltale sign that the septic tank is overloaded. 

Excessive Grass Growth

The leach field is covered by grass. If the grass starts to appear lush, it is a sign that there might be leach field issues. The septic tank and leach field work together, and a full tank can cause a leach field to produce lush grass due to excess wastewater. 

A septic services provider is a good resource to use to determine if it is time for tank pumping. Individuals who recently purchased their home and do not know when their septic tanks were last pumped should request inspections. This will give them an idea of when they need to get their tanks pumped. From that point, they can proceed on a regular schedule. 

For more information about septic tank services, contact a local company.


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