Preventing Plumbing Problems

Preventing Plumbing Problems

Which Type Of Portable Toilet Is Suitable For Your Event?

by Calvin Simmmons

If you have already set the tables and organized the food and music for your event, you should determine where people will relieve themselves. The visitors will visit the bathroom more often with all the eating and drinking. If you don't want them to leave for good, you should provide enough toilets.

A portable toilet rental can be an excellent solution to your problem. But which type of porta potties should you choose? Here are some common types you will come across once you choose portable toilet renting. 

1. Regular Portable Toilet Unit

If you have ever come across portable toilets before, these units are likely the first thing that comes to mind. They are highly requested for many kinds of events thanks to their reliability. These porta potties come with a toilet, toilet paper (fully stocked), and a basin to maintain sanitation after visiting the bathroom. Getting more of these units is always recommended since they are ideal toilets for public events.

2. ADA-Accessible Units

Those hosting large events need to be considerate, which is why getting an ADA-accessible porta potty is crucial. This portable toilet is designed to meet the requirements of anyone in attendance with disabilities. Ideally, these porta potties are designed to be helpful, particularly for those who use wheelchairs to move around. The wheelchair will fit perfectly and glide with ease. The extra space is ideal for maneuverability.

3. Luxury Trailer Potty Units

If you are expecting to get visitors who desire to have luxurious amenities, you can get some VIP luxury porta potties. These portable toilets are designed to provide a comfortable luxury experience whenever people relieve themselves. 

The units can be outfitted with air condition systems, full-size mirrors, running water, a towel dispenser, a countertop, LED lighting, and so on. While these portable potties cost more than their standard counterparts, they offer more amenities, and visitors will enjoy the experience even though they are away from home.

4. Portable Urinals

If you expect to host many people at your event, you can get separate portable urinals for men. With this, you'll ensure that men who need to pee won't have to wait in long lines. So, place some urinals outside to reduce the probability of long queues in the other portable toilets. Some portable urinals have rooms for several guests to stand, while others come with enclosed trough units. So, choose the option that suits your visitors best and budget needs.

For more information, contact a portable toilet rental service near you.


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