Preventing Plumbing Problems

Preventing Plumbing Problems

The Undeniable Benefits of Septic System Pumping You Shouldn’t Miss

by Calvin Simmmons

For most homes that are not directly connected to a town or city's major sewage systems, septic tanks do the work of keeping the homes clean and healthy. A septic tank is safer, more efficient, and cost-effective than other wastewater disposal options. However, while there are many ways to maintain your septic system, pumping is a great idea for its undeniable benefits. Read on to find out!

Pumping Prevents Slow Drainage and Septic Smells

Without your septic system pumped regularly, clogs and deposits will eventually lead to blockages. Blockage results in slow drains on sinks, showers, and the main water supply lines. When this happens, rectifying these problems is expensive and daunting. A blocked sewer line means wastewater and its elements won't pass through to the treatment plant but backup and overflows inside or outside your home.

At the same time, a full septic tank will overflow your sinks and faucets, leading to possible flooding. When this happens, toilets slow flush and sometimes fail to wash out contents thoroughly. Slow flushing toilets and sink drains lead to awful smells, especially from rotten foodstuffs and the toilet contents. However, you will clean excess waste and residue with regular pumping, which can lead to better drainage.

It Helps Prevent Contamination and Keeps Your Surroundings Clean and Healthy

Because pumping does away with residue and wastewater that can overflow inside and outside your home, doing so prevents wastewater from mixing with clean water; thus, preventing contamination. Besides, the process also prevents food contamination, especially when overflowing wastewater carries flies and other food contaminating agents. As a result, pumping will help you save money you would have spent on medication and water treatment. 

Moreover, if you are in real estate or want to sell your home, pumping your septic system can automatically help boost the value and worth of your property. Buyers look for houses that are well maintained and clean. So, once they determine your property is clean, especially without any hazardous health risks caused by your septic system, they will likely prefer your home to others.  

Pumping Prevents Bothersome and Expensive Damages

If you consider your septic system like your car, you will probably agree that regular inspections and maintenance prevent expensive and stubborn damages. Pumping, unlike high-pressure jetting and other septic system cleaning or maintenance methods, is cheap and can be done with the help of your DIY skills. Otherwise, failure to pump your septic system regularly will lead to expensive plumbing issues.

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Preventing Plumbing Problems

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