Preventing Plumbing Problems

Preventing Plumbing Problems

3 Things To Know About Septic System Inpections

by Calvin Simmmons

If you have a septic system, inspections are a necessity. However, for many homeowners, septic system inspections are not a priority unless there's a noticeable problem. While it can be tempting to wait until issues arise before seeking an inspection, this can be a mistake. Septic inspections are not something that you should put off. These inspections catch problems before they become expensive repairs. Here are three things that you should know about septic system inspections.

When You Need Them

Knowing how often you require septic system inspections is half the battle. Most experts recommend an inspection every three years. However, there are other times where septic inspections come in handy. If you plan to sell your home, a septic inspection may be necessary. If you are purchasing a home with a septic system, you'll want to get an inspection before the sale is final. When buying a home, an inspection lets you know what you are getting into with the septic system and whether expensive repairs or replacement are necessary sooner than later.

How Much They Cost

Another thing to be aware of when it comes to septic inspections is how much they cost. This expense is one that you will want to build into your budget every three years. You'll likely pay somewhere in the range of $260 to $420 to have an expert inspect your system. While that may seem pricey, remember that replacing or repairing a septic system can set you back thousands of dollars. The inspection usually takes somewhere between two and two and a half hours. In most cases, you'll have the inspection at the same time you have your septic tank pumped. 

How To Prepare

Knowing how to prepare for your septic system inspection is crucial. The preparation that's necessary will depend on your septic system design and also what your inspector expects. Communication before the inspection occurs is vital. You will need to locate and uncover the covers for the septic tank and the pump chambers in many cases. Some inspectors will do this work for you, while others may charge an additional fee. Before the inspector arrives, make sure you know what preparation is expected on your end.

There are a few things that you should know about inspections if you have a septic system. Septic system inspections are recommended every three years and also when you are buying or selling a home. The cost of an inspection will usually be in the range of a few hundred dollars. Knowing how to prepare for your inspection is also vital. Make sure you communicate with your inspector before they arrive. 


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