Preventing Plumbing Problems

Preventing Plumbing Problems

3 Reasons To Choose Premium Restroom Trailers

by Calvin Simmmons

When you're setting up an event, one of the most important (and sometimes overlooked!) parts of planning is ensuring that your guests have adequate restroom facilities. While your attendees may not often thank you for their presence, they will certainly let you know if you fail to provide enough. Of course, sometimes you want to do more than offer the bare minimum for your guests' needs.

Premium restroom trailers can help to make your guests more comfortable, but they can be a practical choice, as well. Below you'll find three reasons to consider these upgraded facilities for your event beyond their plush accommodations.

1. Better Weather Tolerance

The standard portable restroom unit gets the job done, but without much flair or consideration for user comfort. While this can work in many situations, the traditional plastic molded cubicles found at many events lack effective insulation and may not be comfortable in many conditions. In particular, these units can become hot and stuffy in the summer and very cold in the winter. 

Premium restroom trailers include integrated HVAC systems, making them significantly more weather tolerant. If you are hosting your event deep in the summer or winter, then choosing a premium trailer with these features will help protect your guests from the elements. This feature can be especially crucial for more formal events (such as weddings) where guests may be wearing less comfortable attire. Restroom trailers with AC at the least will prevent the stuffy and smelly discomfort that is characteristic of so many portable restrooms.

2. Improved Disability Compliance

Typical cubicle-style portable restrooms are not ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliant. In most cases, this means that planners must rent one or more ADA-compliant units to make their events accessible for all of their guests. Since most premium restroom trailers are much larger than the standard portable cubicles, they typically meet ADA regulations on their own.

The presence of built-in HVAC systems, while not required by the ADA, can also make your event more accessible. A variety of medical conditions can cause the stuffy, warm confines of a smaller restroom to feel even more uncomfortable. Premium trailers offer more room and a more comfortable environment for guests who may have breathing problems or other difficulties.

3. Enhanced Hygiene

With a larger restroom trailer, your guests will have access to proper washing facilities, soap, and hand sanitizer. These options can make for a much healthier overall environment, especially for events where food or drink are present. These hygienic options can also help to make guests who may be concerned about public events feel more at ease.

Ultimately, choosing a premium restroom trailer is about more than just luxury. The hygienic and HVAC features found on these units can help to make your event safer, cleaner, and more comfortable for all of your guests.


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Preventing Plumbing Problems

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