Preventing Plumbing Problems

Preventing Plumbing Problems

Looking To Rent A Portable Toilet? Features To Consider When Selecting One

by Calvin Simmmons

Portable toilets do not have the best reputation. But portable toilets have come a long way, and they may be anything but the small, cramped, and hot spaces you envision when you think of porta-potties.  There are many different sizes and styles of portable toilets available. If you are looking to rent a portable toilet, here are a few of the features you should consider when selecting the right portable toilet for your construction site or event. 

Lighting Features

Traditionally, portable toilets do not have lights in them. When it gets dark, using one of these toilets is challenging. If you plan on placing yours at an event where they will be used at night, you may want to find a portable toilet that has lighting features. Most portable toilets with lighting features run on solar power, so you don't have to have an electrical source to power them. This helps users to see what they are doing while using the toilet and increases safety. 

The Size of the Portable Toilet

Another feature to consider when selecting a portable toilet is the size of the portable toilet. Portable toilets do not come in just one size. Some portable toilets are designed to be small and take up a minimal amount of space. Others are designed to be larger and more spacious, giving the user a bit more space to move around and handle their business. Always carefully consider the size of the toilet you are renting, as well as how much space you have to place the toilet on. 

Water Capability

The last feature you may want to consider when you are selecting a portable toilet is water capability. Some portable toilets have water tanks attached to them. This may allow users to flush the toilet or wash their hands in a sink that is located inside of the portable toilet unit. Other portable toilets have no water capability. The toilet does not flush, and you may have to rent a portable sink that allows users to wash their hands. 

Not every portable toilet is the same. Some have lights, while others do not, some are smaller, and some are larger, and some have water features, allowing users to flush the toilet or wash their hands. Carefully consider what features would make people more comfortable where you are placing the portable toilet and select a toilet that best meets what you need. 

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Preventing Plumbing Problems

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