Preventing Plumbing Problems

Preventing Plumbing Problems

4 Smart Ways To Take Better Care Of Your Septic System

by Calvin Simmmons

Septic systems, when taken care of properly, are designed to last anywhere from fifteen to forty years. If you want your septic system to make it to the longer side of things, you need to know how to take smart care of your septic system.

#1 Keep Paper Products Out of Your Septic System

The only paper products that you should put in your septic system is toilet paper. Bleached toilet paper is specifically designed to break down in your septic tank system. All other types of paper products, including non-bleached toilet paper, should be kept out of toilet and drainage systems. Other paper products that you flush down your drains are not able to be properly broken down by the bacteria inside of your septic tank.

#2 No Additives Are Necessary

You may see additives for sale that advertise that they are good for your septic tank. However, your septic tank doesn't need any additional additives in order to work properly. The waste that flows through your septic tank contains all the right bacteria that your septic system needs in order to break down material in an effective manner. Often, adding enzymes to your septic tank result in more harm to your septic tank than good.

#3 Be Careful with Cleaners

Be careful when using cleaners around your sinks and bathtubs, especially cleaners that contain ammonia, which can disrupt the natural balance of bacteria inside of your septic tank.

It is best to stick to natural cleaners for your sinks and bathtubs, such as baking soda and vinegar, to reduce the presence of harmful chemicals that can interrupt with the bacteria in your septic tank.

Try to stay away from drain cleaners as well. The chemicals in drain cleaners can be really harsh on your septic tank, so only use them if absolutely necessary. You can keep your drains cleaned by pouring baking soda, vinegar, and hot water down them.

#4 Return Your Medication

Finally, be careful with medications. When you are done with a medication, and you have extra left over, don't let it sit in your medicine cabinet for ages before you flush it down the toilet. Even if the medication is old, when you flush it down your toilet, it can harm the balance in your septic tank. Instead, return unused medications to the pharmacy or doctor, or worst-case scenario, put them in the trash instead. 

Help your septic system last for years by keeping paper other than toilet paper out of your septic system. Don't add enzymes to your septic tank and keep harsh cleaners away from your drains. Don't throw medication down the trash, return it to the pharmacy instead.

For more information, contact your local septic tank repair company.


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