Preventing Plumbing Problems

Preventing Plumbing Problems

How Much Work Are Septic Tanks?

by Calvin Simmmons

Before many people get a septic tank, they are always concerned with how much work they'll have to put in to ensure their septic tank remains in good condition. Naturally, many homeowners are keen to avoid any installations or features that require a lot of maintenance because this raises the cost of ownership. It can also be very tedious.

As far as septic tanks are concerned, the amount of work you'll need to put in will depend on a few factors.

Was the Septic Tank Professionally Installed?

If your septic tank is installed by a professional, it will probably be a long time before you have to worry about the state of your tank. There are many mistakes that can be made during installation, and these may result in a greater need for maintenance.

For example, installing your drain field in a location with a lot of traffic or where heavy equipment passes will drastically lower its effectiveness.

What Goes Down Your Drains?

Just like a normal sewer system, what you dispose of in your septic tank determines how well it can serve you. For example, if you're disposing of chemicals that can harm septic-friendly bacteria, the effectiveness of your septic tank will be lowered and you may have to pump out the contents in a relatively short period of time.

What's Your Environment Like?

There are certain environments that can make it much harder for your septic tank to serve you properly. For example, an area that experiences frequent floods can be a problem for your septic tank. Floods can dump a lot of water into your septic system. Additionally, they can also bring silt and other debris into the system and cause blockages or even damage parts of the tank.

What Features Does Your Tank Have?

Many homeowners install certain features that make inspection and maintenance of their septic tanks easy. For example, a septic alarm can warn you that water levels are too high. Without having to perform an inspection, this can alert you that your pump isn't working.

You Should Expect a Certain Amount of Work

Although there are steps you can take to make your septic tank less of a hassle to have around, you shouldn't expect it to be completely maintenance free. It's advisable to have the tank inspected yearly by a professional septic services provider, and you should also have it pumped every two or three years.

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