Preventing Plumbing Problems

Preventing Plumbing Problems

Five Things You Can Do To Prevent Tree Roots From Damaging Your Septic Tank

by Calvin Simmmons

One of the most significant causes of damage to septic tanks tends to be tree roots. Tree roots are often attracted to sewer lines because they contain moisture and are rich in nutrients that help vegetation to flourish.

Fortunately, there are a lot of things homeowners with septic tanks can do to prevent tree root damage to sewer lines. The following are five things that can be done to prevent tree root damage:

Be aware of where your tank is located

The first step to protecting your septic tank from tree roots and other hazards is simply being aware of where it is located. If you know the location of your septic tank and drain field, you can plan out your landscaping and engage in yard work in such a way that you minimize the chance of damage.

Avoid planting trees and any vegetation with deep roots around your tank and drain field

If you plant trees with large and fast-growing roots around your drain field and tank, you are likely to experience septic system damage over time.

You should keep large trees out of your landscaping anywhere near your septic system. It's important to realize that tree roots of large trees can extend a great distance underground. It's best to avoid planting trees entirely anywhere near your tank.

Have your tank periodically inspected

Periodic inspection of your tank can ensure that you have any necessary maintenance and repair performed before significant problems develop.

A septic tank repair plumber can look at vegetation growing around your tank and let you know if any plants should be taken out to prevent root damage over time.

Plant slow growing vegetation if landscaping is necessary around your drain field

While you want to avoid vegetation with fast-growing roots, it's not necessary to completely avoid growing any type of vegetation around your drain field.

You can have some vegetation growing around your tank, but you should only choose plants with shallow roots. You should also choose vegetation with roots that are not particularly thick and don't create enough force when growing to penetrate your tank and lines.

Flush rock salt down your toilet occasionally

Flushing rock salt down your toilet periodically can make septic lines and your septic tank less attractive to growing roots. Rock salt is poisonous to plants and will also suck moisture away from roots so that they can no longer flourish in the environment.

To learn more, talk septic tank repair services near you today.


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