Preventing Plumbing Problems

Preventing Plumbing Problems

Is Your Septic Tank Making You Sick?

by Calvin Simmmons

If your house is located in an area with no access to a sewer system, you obviously know how important septic systems are. Without septic tanks, waste disposal can be a nightmare for people in such areas. However, having a septic tank near your home also introduces a number of risks that you should be aware of.

Septic tanks hold waste which is highly toxic. Additionally, a lot of harmful gases are released as this waste is broken down. If either the liquid waste or the gases end up in the wrong place, you could end up falling ill.

Contamination of Groundwater

One of the most serious dangers posed by septic tanks is the contamination of groundwater. Although septic tanks are supposed to be watertight to prevent the leaching of the contents into the nearby soil, this isn't always the case. The tanks can crack or break for many different reasons.

If there is liquid waste seeping into the soil from your septic tank, it can end up in groundwater. If you use water from a well in your home, the possibility of this water becoming contaminated under such circumstances is high.

Harmful Gases

The gases produced by a septic tank can be highly flammable. However, they can also cause you to become sick. In case there is a part of the septic system that is damaged or malfunctioning, the fumes can escape into your home through the AC system, drains, leaks in toilet seals, etc.

These gases don't just have a bad odor; they can also cause those in the house to develop respiratory issues or feel constantly fatigued.


Mold can grow in almost any place as long as it has access to moisture and organic material. Waste from a septic tank can provide plenty of both. In case your septic tank is backed up or leaks the waste material in one way or another, mold can start to grow near or around the leak.

Mold can cause a wide range of problems from irritation of the eyes and skin to serious respiratory problems.

How to Stay Healthy with a Septic Tank

For starters, ensure that your septic tank uses the modern design that uses thick layers of sand and gravel around the tank. The tank should also be situated as far away as possible from water sources. You should also hire professional septic companies like Dixon Septic & Sewer to deal with any leaks or septic tank problems.


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