Preventing Plumbing Problems

Preventing Plumbing Problems

When Crowd Comfort Matters Most: Considerations For Ordering Portable Toilet Services

by Calvin Simmmons

Choosing to use portable toilets is the smart choice when holding an event or gathering in a location without sufficient permanent bathroom facilities. In addition to ensuring that all guests and attendees have access to restrooms, portable toilet services can augment or remove the strain on any existing facilities as well as provide more conveniently accessible toilet and hand washing facilities. This is because they can be placed where needed and ordered in the number necessary to prevent standing in line for a long time in order to use them. But in order to get the most from any portable toilet service, customers must know as much as possible about those who will be attending their event or gathering. 

Evaluating the needs of your attendees and guests 

The size of the crowd is a good general indicator of the amount of portable toilets that will be needed for your event, but it is important to also consider other factors as well, including: 

  • the ages of the attendees or guests
  • whether alcohol will be available to attendees or guests at the event
  • the expected length of the gathering or function

Events or gatherings that include children, serve alcohol, or last for more than two or three hours typically result in much heavier demand for toilet facilities than those that do not. Additionally, events that serve potentially messy foods, such as barbecue, fried chicken, or ice cream will want to offer convenient, hygienic options for hand washing as well, such as portable handwashing stations or toilet trailers that offer both toilets and fully equipped sinks. 

Preparing for guests with special needs

Another thing to consider when preparing to place an order with a portable toilet service is whether any guests or attendees will have special needs that must be considered. These needs might include opting for wider, wheel-chair friendly portable toilet units or opting for toilet trailers with changing tables and space for families with very young children to feel comfortable. 

In addition, the location of the units must be carefully considered before placing the order. The best location will be easy for guests and attendees to find and access while offering a bit of privacy. 

To learn more about portable toilets and get answers to your specific questions, first-time customers will want to contact the customer service representative of a reputable portable toilet service in their area, such as Tom's Industrial Cleaning Service. These professionals will be able to provide the information needed and help each customer select the best portable toilet option and the number of units for an event of any size. 


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Preventing Plumbing Problems

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