Preventing Plumbing Problems

Preventing Plumbing Problems

Understanding Septic Tank Pumping

by Calvin Simmmons

Septic systems provide a reliable form of waste management, but if you own a home with a septic system you will need to make arrangements to have the tank cleaned and pumped every few years. How often you need your septic tank cleaned and pumped will depend on how much your septic system is used; if there are several people living in your home, more water will be used and more waste will be produced, so you will need the septic tank cleaned and pumped more often. Continue reading to learn more about getting your septic tank pumped.

Select a Certified Pumper

Septic tanks need to be pumped by a certified pumper who has the skills and equipment needed to properly and safely empty the tank. It is in your best interest to contact a few different septic pumping companies in your area to request a price quote for service. Make sure that you ask for a comprehensive quote that includes the dumping fees and any other types of fees that the company may charge for septic tank pumping services.

Locate Your Tank

While a septic pumping company can locate your septic tank for you, most charge extra for this service so it is best to do it yourself. If you have recently moved into a house with a septic system and have never had the tank pumped, try to find the as-built drawing of your septic system; this can serve as a map, making it easy to pinpoint where the lid of the septic tank is located. If you are unable to find the as-built drawing of your septic system, you will need to rely on the septic pumping company to use different methods in order to find the septic tank for you.

What To Expect from Pumping

When the certified pumper arrives at your home, the lid of your septic tank will be opened and a large hose will be connected. The pumper should inspect different components of the septic tank, such as the tank baffles, before the waste in the tank is pumped. After the pumping is complete, you should be provided a detailed receipt that documents how many gallons of waste were pumped, how many compartments were pumped, the condition of the tank and the baffles, and any other service that was performed. Keep a copy of the pumping receipt for your records. 

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